“the future in grid technology is here”

What is SIGNS?  

Designed and engineering in Australia, a SIGNS system offers a cost effective, simple, solution to linking energy storage to generating end user energy, independent to the grid, whilst using the grid as backup.

Consider SIGNS?  

  • Allows you to take control of your power
  • SIGNS monitors the electricity load, dynamically switching PV/inverter/s on/off to meet the load demand, minimising grid use whilst maximising renewable energy input
  • When the loads exceed the installed inverter’s rating the grid compliments the load
  • signs   DOES NOT    feed into the grid
  • signs is a virtual standalone system

System Requirements

Grid connected system incorporating;

  • Eco Drive signs   
  • Photovoltaic (PV) Panels or renewable energy source and
  • Standalone  Inverter
  • Cabling and hardware
  • Battery bank

Can be incorporated with an existing approved Grid Connected system.

Eco Drive’s SIGNS requires installation by a qualified electrician.

How does signs work?

signs will come on at a set point, meaning;

  • When the grid/mini grid is active signs evaluates energy use against set points
  • If energy use is => set point-1, signs switches on the PV/inverter system
  • If energy use is < set point-1, signs leaves grid to meet the load
  • If energy use => set point-2, signs switches on a second PV/inverter system
  • If the energy use is > than installed PV/inverter systems the load is complimented by the existing grid

“When the sun is shining your power needs can be met without exporting to the grid, whilst using the grid when needed, and charging storage for the night.”

Comparison Chart

Design Elements for signs

  • PV/inverter, load dependent.                                                          
  • More than two set points, for greater stepped control           
  • Includes battery storage                                                                   
  • Suitable for standalone and Grid                                                     
  • Suitable when grid connected system is already installed        
  • Dynamic connection                                                                           
  • Does not feed into the grid                                                             
  • Can complement a grid feed systems                                            
  • Timed battery storage                                                                         
  • Will work with any appropriately sized battery bank                   


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“take control of the way you meet your energy needs”


Where do I start?

Load profiles

A load profile is essential to a successful SIGNS System. It is necessary to understand the load profile and select the most appropriate energy input, whilst maintaining a balance between energy cost, environmental consideration and renewable energy utilisation. The inverter can be sized to carry the typical loads, leaving the grid to cater for excessive loads like a welder.  Your installer will start by;

  • investigating existing systems,
  • ensuring you understand energy use, demand, shadow loads, peak demands and steady loads,
  • design a SIGNS System to meet your household or business energy needs.