The text book “Understanding Renewable Energy Systems, for a sustainable future” is available in both printed and e‑book formats. The book brings together the essential elements needed to gain an understand of the basic principles of, Energy, Energy Auditing, Solar Energy, Wind Energy and Micro Hydro , energy systems This resource includes; an understanding of basic electrical systems both AC and DC, safety issues including current regulations regarding design and installation rules, circuit protection and component sizing.

In addition the text includes a; a STEP by STEP guide to effectively designing

  • Standalone Energy Systems,
  • Grid Connected Energy Systems
  • Mini Grid Systems
  • and Hybrid Energy Systems.

Essential elements included cable sizing, de-rating factors, locating solar arrays, wind turbine and micro hydro systems, maximum power point tracking, battery bank sizing and rules of design and a guide to maintaining system performance.

As part of the holistic approach to sustainability the text looks at the basic concepts of energy efficient building design and environmental consideration. The book also includes a glance at the Building Code of Australia, the introduction of energy rating schemes, and much, much more.


Design Essential Knowledge

  • Energy
  • Energy Auditing
  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Photovoltaics
  • Micro Hydro
  • AC and DC

STEP by STEP guide to effectively designing

  • Standalone Energy Systems
  • Grid Connected Energy Systems
  • Mini Grid Systems
  • Hybrid Energy Systems 

Holistic approach includes;

  • Cable Sizing
  • De-rating Factors
  • Locating Solar Arrays
  • Wind Farms
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • Battery Bank Sizing
  • Rules of Design
  • Guide to Maintaining SYSTEM performance
  •  Concepts of Energy Efficient Building Design

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