The text book “Understanding Renewable Energy Systems, for a sustainable future” is available in both printed and e‑book formats. The book brings together the essential elements needed to gain an understand of the basic principles of, Energy, Energy Auditing, Solar Energy, Wind Energy and Micro Hydro , energy systems This resource includes; an understanding of basic electrical systems both AC and DC, safety issues including current regulations regarding design and installation rules, circuit protection and component sizing.

“the future in grid technology is here”

What is SIGNS?  

Designed and engineering in Australia, a SIGNS system offers a cost effective, simple, solution to linking energy storage to generating end user energy, independent to the grid, whilst using the grid as backup.

A story, not for the faint hearted

The Mediterranean coastline of Turkey is one of those idyllic locations like you would see in a James Bond movie. The flashy boat’s, seeped in opulence, the beautiful deep crystal, blue, sea and the sunlit shoreline, sending sparkles, like diamonds across the water. At each anchorage, wafts the fragrant aromas of Turkish cooking, concealing the salty, sea air. All the while the waves smearing the shore in resonances with the chorus of seagulls, engendering a feeling of peacefulness and relaxation in a haze of friendly banter.